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The PureWater system: Terms of Use
Window Cleaning

Our Method of Window Cleaning

The Pure Water Way 

We offer a comprehensive window cleaning service that combines the most modern purewater window cleaning technology with traditional squeegee window cleaning to ensure your windows are left streak free, clean and shining inside and outside.

This is now the preferred method of window cleaning for professional window cleaners.


The equipment we use consists of a lightweight extendable pole that feeds purified water pumped through a brush head with soft bristles that is perfect for removing dirt and smears on the window glass.

When cleaning with pure water and no added chemicals your windows will stay cleaner for longer under normal conditions. This is because there is no soap residue left on the glass that will gradually attract dirt particles quicker when compared to cleaning with de-ionised water.


It is also more environmentally friendly.


After your windows are cleaned the pure water can simply be left to dry naturally, providing a perfect clean without leaving any water stains.

The Pure Water System

Why do we use the latest in Purewater technology?

The term Pure Water in window cleaning describes ordinary tap water that has been filtered through a purification system, to remove all the natural minerals.

 The reason for this is that pure water dries to leave a completely crystal clear finish, as opposed to general tap water that dries to leave minerals on the windows, which is the reason for hard water stains and unsightly white spotting.

When applied to Window Cleaning, using pure water means that there is no need to squeegee the water from the window.

In addition to Hydrogen & Oxygen (H20), tap water also contains minerals. For drinking purposes, this isn’t a problem, ( although here in the UAE its questionable) however when it comes to cleaning the likes of calcium, magnesium and other minerals remain, when the water evaporates away. This leaves hard water stains and unsightly spotting. You’ll notice these build up on any glass surrounding showers or taps at home, or even after washing your car. This is even more problematic in the heat here. 

Here's how the process works: 

 - Agitating the dirt!

Once water is purified, it is ready to clean with. However it’s not just a case of ‘splash & dash’, there is some knowhow required. The first step is for us to  agitate (scrub) the windows with a water-fed pole & brush designed specifically for the task. By scrubbing the windows we  loosen any dirt or build up on the window, frame and surrounding plastics ( these are forgotten when cleaned with a soapy bucket and cloth).

 - Effective Rinsing!

Rinsing the loosened dirt and debris is important, as anything except pure water left on the window will ruin the perfect finish. The deionised water will attract the dirt and minerals scrubbed from the window, creating a non-pure solution. This needs to then be rinsed thoroughly from the window, leaving only Pure Water left to dry clear in a matter of minutes (the same applies to sills and frames).

With the heat we experience here and the dust and sand that accumulates, it is incredibly important to to give your windows a proper clean and not a  short term fix.

A purewater clean will give better, longer lasting results which will protect your windows in the long term. 

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